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A/E Industry Customer Service Report Card
A/E Industry Customer Service Report Card: 2012 Results presents research findings, accompanied by vivid charts, that quickly deliver top line information and a side-by-side comparison to 2008 and 2010 results.
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A/E Industry Customer Service Report Card

Find Out How Customers Rate the A/E Industry in 2012
In this economy, the pressure is on to perform. Project owners demand superior technical services, personnel, project management, quality, and astonishing service from their A/E consultants—every time.

In the A/E Industry Customer Service Report Card: 2012 Results, you’ll see what project owners think of the service they receive from the A/E industry—and how their opinions have changed over the past year. Unlike other industry surveys that solely elicit the opinions of architecture and engineering firms—your peers and competitors—this Morrissey Goodale research study surveyed only project owners, the ultimate judges of client service.

A representative sample were surveyed and asked to give the overall industry a grade in 13 distinct areas of customer service. They were also asked to grade their overall level of satisfaction with the work produced by the A/E firms with which they do business.

Find out what clients say industry firms do well, and where they can improve. How does your firm stack up?